Intro: what?

Pannus solves a requirement of the OSDL's Carrier Grade Linux 3.2 specification, which enables Linux to patch process without eliminating process (named “live patch” in OSDL CGL requirement definition). This is very common function on teleco area, and realized by overwriting each function's entry point with "jmp" assembly code.

Pannus is kernel patch, library and tools which enhance mmap function and add functionality of overwriting on-memory code. Whenever overwrite a on-memory code, pannus stops target process/kernel momentaly. Live patch module (the fix of buggy code) is ELF shared object type, and dynamically load it during process execution by administrator's instruction.


Version 3.0 released!

Version 3.0 supports kernel live patching, works only on x86_64 archtecture.

There are different parts:


Check the README in the pannus tools archive; it explains installation, simple usage.
Version 1.0 implementation document is here.

Mailing list

Mailing list is available on sourceforge


This is the first release of Live patching. So it may contain some bugs yet;in case you find any, or if you have any feature request, please let us know.

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